Rebirth of the old casinos


The old casinos understood the lesson and their modernization was immediate. With the advent of online casinos and above all virtual poker rooms, even traditional casinos have benefited from it. In fact, the increase in demand for online poker has led to an increase in the demand for gaming tables even in the most prestigious American and European gambling houses. Initially, this phenomenon created several inconveniences for the Las Vegas giants and many European casinos.

The old casino policy of playing poker was against this game. For years the Las Vegas poker rooms had been deserted, the most modern casinos had not even remotely considered introducing them. The historical casinos had even eliminated them, due to the little influx of players.

Almost all the traditional casinos had discouraged online casino in Dubai poker, which was considered an unprofitable source of income compared to other games such as roulette or craps. In all games the casinos always manage to collect most of the bets. In poker, however, the money ends up in the pockets of the players being a game that does not have a casino as a counterpart. Today almost all casinos have adapted to this new trend and organize poker tournaments to attract people to their premises. To earn something, they either charge an entry fee for the tournaments they organize or charge a commission on each table called “rake”.

Charles Wells the man who blew up the bank in Monte Carlo

Charles Wells inspired a famous song, The Man Who Broke the Bank in Monte Carlo. Wells, was an English player, arrived at the Monte Carlo casino with ten thousand francs, in a few days he won a million, a few months later he returned and won another million francs, his reputation as a player went around the world. But one day, Mister Wells, was caught cheating, and sentenced to heavy fines and imprisonment, died in poverty. Its systems were analyzed and studied for a long time. Before he died, Wells candidly confessed that he had never used any system. It was just a colossal stroke of luck, it was not believed, and he took his secret with him to the grave. Be aware of a nye norske casino.

Henry Ruhl promoter of gambling

Henry Ruhl, director of the Scribe hotel in Paris, had an offer to run the Cannes gambling house. He later gave his name to the casino of Nice. Ruhl, was one of the biggest promoters of gambling, with his promotional activism and his brilliant ideas to try to always offer the best to gamblers.